Luggage cover

In an ideal world, the contents of your suitcase return home with you intact. In reality, sometimes this doesn't happen - which can be a mild annoyance or a huge headache, depending on the value of the items. Thankfully, your travel insurance can help if your luggage is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed.


What is 'luggage'?


Luggage' refers to the luggage and personal items owned by you - including those you buy on your trip - which are designed to be either worn or carried about with you. Examples include clothing, shoes, personal electronics (mobile phones, cameras, iPads, etc), sunglasses and cosmetics.

We don't consider your passport, travel documents, credit cards and cash to be luggage; but we do provide cover for them on our international plans.


See your PDS for more examples of what we do and do not consider to be luggage.


What is the difference between standard cover and New for Old Luggage cover?

Standard luggage cover is provided with any policy, whereas New for Old Luggage cover only applies if you add specified items under our New for Old Luggage Option when buying the policy.


With our standard cover, your luggage and personal items are covered for their depreciated value if they are stolen, lost or damaged.


Standard luggage cover is subject to individual item limits and trip limits. Adding New for Old Luggage cover on specified items increases trip limits up to an additional $10,000, with a limit of $4000 per item.


There is no standard cover for sports and leisure equipment. If you need cover for sports and leisure equipment, or you have items that you would like to insure for their full cost, our New for Old Luggage Cover can provide this.


Our New for Old Luggage Cover works in two ways:

  • It allows you to cover individual luggage items for its current replacement value (or its full original cost, whichever is less), instead of its depreciated value

  • It allows you to cover sports and leisure equipment (including musical instruments, surfboards and bicycles) for its replacement value, except for when it is in use


How much extra cover can I add?

You can add up to $10,000 worth of specified items - with a maximum amount of $4,000 for each individual item. The exception to this is jewellery, which has its own limits on the amount of standard cover we'll provide. You cannot add extra cover for jewellery under the New for Old Luggage Option - so if you're travelling with expensive jewellery, you might be able to insure it with a specialist jewellery insurer.



How do I add the New for Old Luggage Option?

To get extra cover for individual luggage items, or for sports and leisure equipment, simply add them as "specified items" when you buy your policy, and pay an additional premium.


So, what if my sports equipment is damaged while it's in use?

We don't cover damage to sports and leisure equipment while it's in use. The only exception to this is winter sports equipment - provided you have purchased the Winter Sports Option and the equipment is less than three years old. See our Winter Sports Option for more details.


Does New for Old Luggage cover include winter sports equipment like skis and snowboards?

If you'd like cover for winter sports equipment, purchasing the Winter Sports Option will cover your winter sports equipment for its depreciated value - even when it's damaged in use, provided the equipment is less than three years old.


You may then add the New for Old Luggage option on top of this to cover your winter sports equipment for its full cost rather than its depreciated value.


If you buy New for Old Luggage Cover for your winter sports equipment without the Winter Sports Option, there is no cover when it's damaged whilst in use.


For more detailed information about New for Old Luggage Cover and the rules that apply, refer to the PDS.

Am I covered if my luggage is delayed?

If your luggage and personal items have been temporarily lost or delayed for over 12 hours by the airline or other operator, you may be able to claim for the reasonable cost of essential items (like clothing and toiletries) that you need to tide you over until your luggage arrives, up to the trip limit specified on your plan. For full details and conditions of cover for luggage delay, please refer to your PDS.


Last Updated: Oct 17, 2016 03:22PM AEDT

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