Sports and activities we don't cover

There are some sports and activities that we consider too risky to cover. We won‘t cover travellers for any claim arising from participating in any of these activities.


Abseiling/rappelling - except when done with a licensed operator

BASE jumping


BMX (jumps, tricks, freestyle, racing)



Cave diving/cavern diving

Caving/spelunking (where it’s not a commercial tourist attraction)

Cliff diving

Deep water soloing

Diving underwater using an artificial breathing apparatus (unless an open water diving licence is held or when diving under licensed instruction); commercial diving; diving beyond 40 metres

Flying in the following circumstances:

  • as a passenger in a glider or ultralight;

  • as a pilot or crew of any aircraft; or

  • travel in an air-supported device other than as a passenger in a licensed passenger aircraft operated by an airline or charter company

Free climbing

Free diving

Free soloing

Gliding, hang-gliding (or any sport in a similar device)

Horse-riding when: jumping, playing polo, taking part in a rodeo, doing acrobatics, riding bareback, competitions

Hunting or animal tracking

Hydro jet pack/jet pack flying

Ice climbing/glacier climbing

Ice fishing

Ice hockey

Ice skating (or any other activities) when on frozen lakes and rivers

Ice walking/glacier walking (except when with a licensed operator and below 3,000 metres)

Kite wing

Luge (on snow/ice)

Martial arts: with contact; training camps

Motor biking off-road (dirtbike riding; motocross)

Motor track/race track experiences






Quad biking under age 15; if done without a licensed operator

Rallies (in any form)

Rickshaw run/tuk-tuk racing

Rock-climbing (except in an indoor facility with supervision)

Rock fishing

Running of the Bulls

Shooting/rifle range



Ski jumping, acrobatics, freestyle


Snow biking

Snow kiting, snow rafting, snow tubing

Snow skiing when powerassisted

Speed boating, speed flying, speed riding

Swimming in open water more than 3 nautical miles from land


Trekking/hiking/tramping above 6,000 metres

Via Ferrata

Water-skiing/wakeboarding (jumps)

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